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This smells so good and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. I love this! And Yes I do recommend this.


I bought these a few months ago  and it’s been amazing! I love how it lathers smoothly. It’s all natural there is no irritation. The tea tree and lavender is light in scent.  I even use it on my face to help clear up any hormonal acne.  And yes I do recommend your products and business, you are a sweetheart and your products are amazing. Good service! 


I love it and will recommend, clean and fresh scent.


Every female should have one of this spray in their purse to freshen up their  yoni between bathroom time, especially that time of the month. I love this spray. 


Not Tested on Animal. Paraben Free. Free of Toxic Chemicals

Proudly made in the USA. By Women For Women

Thick Gel Formula made with Aloe Vera.

Gentle, plant-based natural feminine Hygiene product for your intimate area. Eliminate vaginal odor naturally with this organic wash. Restore pH balance, nurture sensitive skin, and promote a healthy vaginal biome. Luxurious lather, infused with essential oils

Hush Pretty Kitty Natural Tea Tree and Lemon Feminine Spray

Feminine Care Spray

Stay Fresh and Confident with our Natural Tea Tree and Lemon Feminine Spray. Lightly scented, fine mist for a quick refresh anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a boost of feminine confidence. Perfect for workouts, changing liners, or post-intimacy freshness. Your go-to spray for all-day freshness.

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