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Hello, I'm Ramatu

I was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa and currently living in North Canton Ohio with my husband and two boys. I love to read and authored my first book( West African Proverbs literature) in 2020. Available on Amazon and other book retailers. I love the arts, beauty and Holistic approach to wellness. I also love music, especially African, Soca and Gospel music. When I'm not working, reading or hangin out with family I'm usually on Instagram being social. So if you're on the gram, let's be friends! Follow along @ramatujo (Personal)
@narvandbec (Business) Looking forward to engaging with you.

Ramatu Allen
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My Mission

My mission is to make skincare products you’ll love to use for yourself or gift to those you love at prices you can afford.

My Goal

My goal is to help women who have sensitive  and problematic skin find non toxic products, made with naturally derived ingredients that will heal and not irritate their skin, and at an affordable cost. 

My Products

My Vaginal care products aim to aid women in making the switch to a more natural approach when it comes to feminine care, removing unwanted and un-natural odor without harmful toxin, without synthetic fragrances and nothing to throw off your natural pH level. My vaginal care wash and Spray are Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Dye and Synthetic Fragrance Free. They are lightly scented with pure skin safe essential oils. 

My Brightening and Acne Control products are Plant based and are made with Organic and naturally derived ingredients. There are three natural ingredients that have been widely studied and are the bases of my face care products. Aloe Vera, Niacinamide and Turmeric. These ingredients work together to heal the skin from the inside out, fighting and reducing inflammation, regulating oils that clogs pores, erasing fine line and wrinkles, fighting acne while working hard to remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

 My Brightening and Acne Control products focuses on three things. 

  1. Reducing Inflammation
  2. Eliminate dark spots and fight production of new dark spots.
  3. Building skin barriers, by keeping the pores free from debris while forming new healthy skin.

All my bath and body products are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. With fragrances and essential oils carefully selected and made using skin safe Mica Powder colorant.  I understand handmade products can be expensive, but be assured, that I am dedicated to providing you these quality products you’ll love at prices you can afford. 

Thanks very much for checking out my small business, I am grateful for your support.

Love, Ramatu


All Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types.


Made with ingredients you know and can pronounce.

Natural Care

Plant based, Gluten free, Vegan

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